granules White Carrara

The open spaces can be characterized by shapes and colors well amalgamated with green granules and pebbles respond well to this need, the Zen gardens are a valuable expression. The granules are suitable precisely for ornamental gardens and for floors, but also with applications of resin for coatings. Interesting new technology DEKO to create paths in the gardens with gravel, creating a slab permeable to water and where the grass does not grow. An interesting application for the rotarorie road, with low operating costs. Available colors: white Carrara, black, red Verona, coral pink, Botticino, alpine green, yellow sienna brown plum, bardiglio. The grain sizes are available: Type 0 = mm2 / 4 Type 1 = mm4 / 6 type 2 = mm6 / 9 type 3 = mm9/12 TIPO4 = mm12/18 Type 5 = mm18/22 Type 6 = mm22/30 tipo7 = mm30/40 type 8/10 = mm40/60 The packages are of two types: in big bags of approximately ton.1, 5 pallets in bags kg.25

granules  White Carrara
granules  White Carrara

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