Kitchen cabinets

We make custom-made wall tiles for masonry kitchens in rustic, country and poor art styles. Our coatings for masonry kitchens are completely handcrafted and are made with precious materials such as worked stones, decorations and solid wood. To fully satisfy the customer we can indicate the craftsman and the company that will directly deal with the design and construction of the built-in kitchen in order to offer the customer a quality and exclusive product. Delivery on request of cladding for masonry kitchens in the following areas: Guidonia Montecelio, Tivoli, Rome, Monterotondo, Mentana, Fonte Nuova, Frascati, Zagarolo, Palestrina, Ciampino, Marino and other municipalities in the province of Rome, Viterbo, Frosinone, Latina, Rieti.


We realize masonry kitchens country tailored to your needs. Our built-in kitchens with high-quality materials used to implement them mean that our kitchens in masonry, long lasting and can be adapted to any environment. We realize masonry kitchens country on custom projects.

We also provide built-in kitchens and rustic style Country.Inoltre us We can also provide related appliances.

Fireplaces and Barbecue

Design, manufacture and sale of chimneys, fireplaces, barbecue on request and also design complete environments. We produce coatings stone chimneys, fireplaces and barbecues. Ing to generalized frames are coated using stones such as travertine, lava stone, marble, granite .. for traditional fireplaces, rustic, modern, country, style, thermal. Do not hesitate to request a quote or visit us at our showroom which is located on the Via Tiburtina just a few kilometers from the center of Rome, the center of Tivoli and Guidonia. Upon request we provide on-site surveys. We are leaders in the areas of Rome and all the provinces of Lazio (Rome, Frosinone, Latina, Rieti and Viterbo).

Travertine and Design

The Rustici of Trusco has created a new series of travertine antique bricks. These are special pieces that allow for modular building blocks of precious value. These elements refer to tradizone of ancient architecture typical of our country rediscovering a timeless taste is suited to many constructive solutions. Furthermore, the modular solutions allow an easy use of these elements in the installation without having to have specific skills.

Stones Italian and foreign

The Rustici of Trusco markets various stones of both Italian and foreign nationality in order to offer a wide range of stone which differ in quartzite, basalt, limestone and extrusive rocks. In turn, these different types of stones are processed to obtain various useful formats in the construction field for every need: floors, walls, etc. ... In an effort to satisfy their customers the Stone of Trusco and 'always been committed to a constant upgrading of innovations in stone that the global landscape and national offers.

Floors and Mosaics

The floors and mosaics of Rustici of Trusco allow the realization of characteristic environments with the use of stones and marbles of different colors and formats subjected to aging treatment. These are based on the tradition of Italian architecture can still be seen in buildings of historical and artistic interest such as churches and complex public and private. In the rediscovery of Made in Italy of the Rustic Trusco intends to consolidate with the proposition of these architectural taste that characterized our country. With us you can find stone floors such as travertine floors, marble floors, granite floors, inlaid mosaic, stone mosaics, colored like: travertine mosaic, marble mosaic, stone mosaic in Italian and foreign.

Pebbles and Grit

The open spaces can be characterized by shapes and colors well amalgamated with green grits and pebbles respond well to this need: the Zen gardens are a valuable expression. Suitable just for ornamental gardens and pavements. The Stone of Trusco sells river pebbles, pebbles squared stones of Carrara marble, pebbles of porphyry.


We show you our renderings. Many of them have been made. We offer our customers tailor-made projects.

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The services offered by Rustic Trusco the sale of gravel, furniture, quartzites, marbles and stones

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